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Dr. Rashmi Jain

Top-Rated Pediatrician in Irvine
Founder BabiesMD

As the Best Pediatrician in Irvine, Dr. Rashmi Jain draws from over 15 years of experience in her practice. Pediatrics is her passion, and she loves her patients and their families just as much as they adore her. She takes pride in providing top-notch care, guidance, and love to her patient families in her Pediatric clinic in Irvine and as a Virtual Pediatrician all over California and Texas.

Dr. Jain’s unique style of engagement encourages kids to participate in their consultations as much as their parents. Families often comment on how the kids play being “Dr. Jain” at home and refuse to see other doctors.

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best baby pediatrician in Irvine

❝Dr. Jain is the absolute best Pediatrician!! She was my daughter’s pediatrician since she was 2 weeks old baby. From day one she was always so caring, would take her time with you to explain and answers questions as you needed. I recently had a health issue arise with the same daughter and even though she is in California now she immediately reached out and helped us to figure out what was going on. I’m pretty sure she will always be a part of our lives in one way or another. If you are searching for the best pediatrician around, you should definitely see her!!❞ – Mom from Dallas, TX

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A Visit with Dr. Rashmi Jain

In a visit with Dr. Jain, she makes sure to engage with the children. She enjoys playing games with them to help the examination run as smoothly as possible. She’ll have them show her a piggy nose or monster eyes to examine them or have them pretend to blow out birthday candles to check their breathing. Children have so much fun that families often comment on how their kids play being “Dr. Jain” at home and refuse to see other doctors.

A consultation with Dr. Rashmi Jain is never limited by time. Patients can expect a slow-paced, detailed session with her where she will listen to their problems intently, make recommendations, and reach a treatment plan together with the parent. Her practice style is comprehensive and she is never in a rush to end any call. Many parents consider patience her best Pediatrician asset and for good reason. She is also adored by her staff who bring their own kids to her as they trust her medical skills and enjoy her encouraging nature to better their children’s health.

You are certain to enjoy the refreshing change of pace and practice that Dr. Jain brings for kids and families alike. Give us a call and schedule a meet-n-greet session arguably the best Pediatrician in Irvine CA.

Her Educational Background

Dr. Rashmi Jain completed her undergraduate degree in biology from the University of California, Riverside in 1997. She then moved on to Chicago Medical School, where she earned first her MS in applied physiology, then her medical degree in 2002. She returned to Orange County, California for her pediatric residency training at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and was selected to stay an extra year as chief resident from 2005 to 2006. During this year, she educated residents and participated in numerous administrative groups and responsibilities in the hospital before moving to Fort Worth, Texas where she continued to practice pediatrics for 14 years before starting off and founding BabiesMD, a hybrid Pediatrician practice offering Online Pediatricians and in-clinic Pediatrics together, from their Irvine location.

Best Baby Pediatrician

Although Dr. Jain loves all kids and is happy to tend to their medical needs, babies hold a special place in her heart and she absolutely adores them. New Parents get the attention and patience their baby needs from a Pediatrician. They also benefit from the babiesMD+ membership which connects them with Dr. Jain any time through text, video, or in-person. The newborns benefit from much closer interaction with Dr. Jain and continuous care to ensure the baby’s good growth and optimum health. Dr. Jain is considered among the best baby Pediatrician in Irvine.

An Experienced Practitioner

As parents, you can depend on her expertise for advice and guidance as your children grow and develop. In her practice of 15 years, Dr. Jain has seen some children grow from babies to high schoolers and they became like family to her.

Dr. Rashmi Jain can tell if a child is ill just by looking at their face and hearing about a parent’s concerns, even through telemedicine. She sees her job as not just treating a problem, but building a relationship to make sure children are well in all aspects of their lives. Most of her families consider her part of their extended family.

Her Best Pediatrician Quality: Passion

Dr. Rashmi Jain aspired to be a Pediatrician since she was five years old. In medical school, she tried to stay open-minded to what she would specialize in as she started her rotations. But, after delivering a baby during her obstetrics and gynecology rotation, she found her instincts were to follow the baby out the door instead of staying to take care of the mother. When she graduated from the Chicago Medical School in 2002, out of her entire graduating class, she was awarded the Pediatric Clerkship Award for her outstanding abilities in Pediatrics. For the past 15 years, she has found practicing Pediatrics to be everything she always imagined.

Her passion for her profession shines through for every parent that visits her.

Virtual Pediatrician Advantage

Being a Virtual Pediatrician, Dr. Rashmi Jain is able to help children and parents who are unable to make it to her office. Using Pediatric Telemedicine, parents are comfortable consulting with her from their homes without the need to drive anywhere. As a pioneer in the field of Pediatric Telemedicine, Dr. Rashmi Jain prides herself in providing her patients an easy-to-use, no-download-required HIPAA compliant interface that enables seamless video consults and quick recoveries for children. As an Online Pediatrician, Dr. Rashmi Jain serves the families of Texas and California.

Her Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 inspired us to adapt to new ways of practicing medicine. With BabieMD, she adopted a hybrid model to serve her remote patients through Telemedicine, and her local patients through her clinic in Irvine, CA. As a leading Pediatrician unafraid to embrace technology, she has been able to help families during these tumultuous times. Keeping abreast of new research and data as it becomes available, Dr. Jain helps parents better care for their children and protect them during the pandemic. She has grown into a pillar of support and guidance for the families she cares for.

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