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Dr. Rashmi Jain

“I am a better mom because of Dr. Jain and BabiesMD.”
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Your Pediatrician, Your Friend
Families Love Dr. Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain brings the “personal” back in medicine. She forms a deep personal relationship with her families and spends time learning about them. Families love talking to her and expressing their concerns, fears and questions. Dr. Jain listens, answers their questions, and values their opinion. She spends as much time as required to ensure her families are confident and children are able to regain their health quickly and completely.

Top-Rated Pediatrician
  • Over 100 Five-Star Reviews
  • Large following on Social Media
  • Regular Media Appearances
Personal Touch
  • Develops relationships with Parents
  • Encourages parents to express themselves
  • Discusses diagnosis & treatment with parents
Individual Attention
  • Encourages parents to discuss vaccine hesitancy
  • Designs vaccine schedules tailored for each family
  • Works with parents together as a team
Founder, BabiesMD: Concierge Pediatrics

Dr. Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain Best Pediatrician in Orange County

Dr. Rashmi Jain is a Concierge Pediatrician in Irvine, CA. She is a CHOC graduate and after practicing Pediatrics for 14 years in Texas, founded her own practice, BabiesMD. With this practice, she provides parents the time and attention they need to understand their children’s ailments and to ensure great health. Parents can reach her through secure text messaging anytime and her clinic is available for same day visits. Dr. Jain often refers to her practice style as “Old-Fashioned Pediatrics”.

Dr. Jain always includes the parents’ opinion in children’s care. She welcomes parents’ questions and concerns and encourages an open discussion about vaccines, medications and therapies. In her practice, all decisions for the child’s care are always made jointly between Dr. Jain and the parents.

Dr. Jain is an active member of the society. She is involved with several charities and donates her time for children as needed. She can be seen often on CBS News and other outlets discussing matters related to Pediatrics.

Board Certified: CA & TX

Practicing Pediatrics since: 2005

Fluency: English, Hindi, Spanish

Hospitals: HOAG Irvine, Newport Beach

Studied: Graduate of CHOC

Accolades: Chief Resident, Media Personality

Expertise: Hugs

Weakness: Chocolate


Best Pediatrician In Orange County

Care so Good, Parents Are Raving About it

concierge pediatrician
Five Star Reviews
Mom in SoCal

❝Dr. Jain has been a blessing to our family. She has guided me in raising my 3 kids and has always gone above and beyond to cover all bases of their medical needs.
… ❤️❞

Mom in SoCal

She has even called on Thanksgiving Day to check on one of my kids that was really sick because she wanted to make sure the treatment plan was working.

Treating The Patient, Not The Disease

Holistic Pediatrician Approach

During her examination, Dr. Jain focuses on the child rather than the disease condition. She spends time understanding the symptoms, as well as other stressors and environmental factors affecting the family.

Longer Appointments And More Listening
Appointments with Dr. Jain will feel more caring and personal allowing for a lot more time than normal. Dr. Jain strives for an open, honest and caring relationship with her families. Dr. Jain spends a lot of time discussing nutrition, habits, exercise, lifestyle, screen-time, bed time, family bonding, and other social things.

Preventive Medicine
Dr. Jain focuses on eliminating the root cause of most issues, rather than deliver quick medicine. Her focus on children’s health results in children enjoying better overall health and wellness.

A baby that presents with severe acid reflux might be related to mama’s spicy diet. Correcting the diet brings about faster and long lasting relief as compared to any medication one might prescribe.

baby with stethoscope
Dr. Jain’s Education and Training

Her Educational Journey

Dr. Jain’s educational journey began in Orange County as a high school Valedictorian, and after completing her training at CHOC, she practiced Pediatrics in Fort Worth, TX for 14 years. She continued to learn from her daily experience and gain in her knowledge of children.

Since 2021, she has now returned to her roots in Irvine, California, and has founded BabiesMD, a pediatric practice, and intends to continue making an impact in society.

Her educational journey continues on as she keeps abreast with the cutting-edge research in Pediatrics and applies her knowledge to deliver the most Preventive Medicine she can. She pushes herself each day to be the best Pediatrician for her patients as she can be.


Chief Resident CHOC 2006


Pediatric Residency training at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County till 2005


Medical Degree from Rosalind Franklin University
(Chicago Medical School) in 2002


Undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of California, Riverside in 1997

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Why Did I Choose Concierge Medicine?

I designed this practice to help families with the attention and time they need for their children’s care. With the Concierge Pediatric Medicine model, I am able to provide “all” the answers that parents need in their visits. I am available 24/7 to my members, and they are able to reach me through text or calls anytime. I am also able to research new therapies, talk to specialists, and have time to understand test results. I love the personal connections and the ability to practice preventive medicine that keeps our children healthy. Best of all, none of my children need to visit Urgent Care, even on weekends. Please click the link below to learn more about our practice and setup a Meet-n-Greet with me for a more in-depth discussion.

Best Pediatrician In Orange County

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