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Invest In Your
Child’s Health

With a Concierge Membership

The Most Personal Pediatric Experience!

Membership Benefits
Where the benefits far outweigh the cost!

A concierge Pediatrician membership is truly an investment in the health of your children.

Your children enjoy healthier childhood. They recover faster from sickness, and enjoy preventive concierge medicine to help avoid illness. You also benefit by knowing you can reach your Pediatrician 24/7 for any urgencies. Your children never have to go to an Urgent Care.

Average Patients for a Pediatrician: 3,000 to 4,000

Patients for Your Concierge Pediatrician: 200

Families contribute a small fee to help the Pediatrician maintain the focus on your children


◆ World Class Pediatrician

◆ Rave reviews from families

◆ 24/7 Access to your Pediatrician

◆ Same-Day Appointments

◆ No Wait Times At Clinic

◆ Longer Appointment Times

◆ Direct-to-Pediatrician Messaging

◆ Telemedicine Access

◆ House Calls For Sick Visits

◆ Specialist Care Coordination

◆ Vaccine Hesitancy Discussion

◆ Weekend Access For Urgent Care

Invaluable Benefits For Your Children

Better Overall Health

Earlier interventions and continuity of care provide for improved health and happiness for your children.

  • Faster Intervention For Your Kids
  • Speedier Recovery
  • Better Overall Health

Savings That Add up Fast

  • No avoidable ER Bills
  • No Urgent Care Visits
  • No Sleepless Nights Without Care
  • No Missed Time from Work
  • No Time Spent Googling For Remedies
  • No Time spent in waiting rooms

Mom of an infant 
❝ Wish we had joined Dr. Jain’s practice sooner. We are still paying for last year’s ER bills. Dr. Jain is so easily accessible anytime I need help. We don’t have sleepless nights anymore wondering if we should go to the ER. My son is doing so much better now. ❞

PPO Insurances We Accept

Please note, currently we only accept PPO insurances. We do not accept HMO, MediCal or CalOptima.

United Healthcare

Don’t see your Plan in the list. We have Self-Pay options for you. Please give us a call to discuss.

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