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Whether you need same day sick visit or are interested in becoming a BabiesMD member, we are happy to help. 

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Reopening July 1st 2021

Dr. Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain, Pediatrician

Founder, BabiesMD

Better care for your children

In my first 14 years of pediatric practice, it became apparent that parents needed more than the typical 7-minute visits for their children. These short, rushed, and impersonal visits left them with so many unanswered questions and confusion regarding their child’s health.

At BabiesMD, our parents get a Personal Concierge Pediatrician who knows their whole family well and works proactively to protect and care for their children’s health. Your Pediatrician is easily accessible and gives your family the time, availability, and cutting-edge preventive Pediatric care to help your children thrive.

We are a Concierge Pediatric practice located in Irvine. With House calls, In-office visits, secure text messaging, and tele-visits, we are always available for our families in Irvine and surrounding cities.


As a BabiesMD Family:

Your Concierge Pediatrician knows your family intimately. She takes pains in understanding the health needs of each of your children and plans for their care well in advance. She keeps your children in their best health possible and ensures quick recoveries for when they do need care.


We help you overcome the pressures of time and invite you into our office at times convenient to you. During the day, evenings, or even a weekend visit. No more Urgent Care trips and disconnected care for BabiesMD children.

accessible through calls or secure messaging

As easy as texting a friend, your personal Pediatrician is available for consultation at the very onset of trouble. We understand earlier interventions result in faster recoveries and ensure you know how to get a hold of your personal Pediatrician.

No-Rush Consultations

Spend as much time as needed to understand your child’s condition and discuss a care plan together with your Personal Pediatrician. There is never a rush to end a visit whether it is in-office or tele-visit.

same day care pledge

We pledge to provide care for your child the same day. If we cannot get you in for an office visit, we will do a tele-visit or a phone call and ensure our child is well taken care of, no matter what.

House calls as needed

For parents who prefer care be given in the comfort of their home, your Personal Pediatrician arrives fully equipped to handle most sick visits, well checks and other exams.

Care So Good, Parents Are Raving About It!

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BabiesMD concierge Pediatrician Service

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