Expert Pediatric care
7 days a week

$20 a month
Expert Pediatric care
7 days a week
$20 a month
peace of mind

Knowing your children have quality Pediatric Care
7 days a week

one monthly fee

Urgent Care + Primary Care
No Co-pays, No Insurance, No Extra fees

Text/Video your Pediatrician

Unlimited Care, Unlimited Visits, Unlimited Texts
Get care in minutes

BabiesMD: What sets us apart

affordable access to some of the country’s best Pediatricians
all your Urgent Care & Primary care issues

Consistently rated 5 Stars Online and voted among the best Pediatricians by parents everywhere. Our proven skills are backed by 15 years of an average experience and thousands of hugs from our cute patients.

five star reviews

Dr. Rashmi Jain

Online Pediatrician: Licensed in Texas and California

Dr. Jain has over 100 Five Star Revies and over 15 years of experience practicing in Fort Worth, TX. She is proficient in English, Spanish, and Hindi. She is a highly sought after Online Pediatrician for families and  she is currently accepting new patients into her panel.


Get the best possible Pediatric coverage for your children for one simple monthly fee. No surprise bills, No Insurance required.

  • (Unlimited coverage 7 days a week)
  • (Unlimited texts, phone, and video calls)
  • (Unlimited questions, unlimited answers)

As a member, enjoy direct access to your Online Pediatrician for issues, big or small, within a few minutes.

  • The convenience of online access, location-independent 7 days  a week
  • with Video chat, go from diagnosis to treatment, to prescription in minutes
  • Pickup Prescriptions at your preferred pharmacy, go back to enjoying your kids again.
  • No Apps to download, no limits of time, no waiting
Shubhra.B : Fort Worth, TX

So babiesMD just launched this concierge Pediatric service and I signed up yesterday. Talk about being a game changer. I have already hit them up twice, once to ask about my son’s tummy ache and other one regarding white spots on his face. All this for $20 a month.

How does it work
Convenient Online Access to your Pediatrician 7 days a week
Coverage begins day 1
After your sign-up online, expect a call from the Pediatrician who will introduce herself and get to learn about your children’s health.
Reach your Pediatrician within minutes
For all child related matters, big or small, feel free to send a message directly to your Pediatrician. Get an expedited response back and let your online Pediatrician guide you on the best course of action.
Relax knowing your children are in good care 7 days a week
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