treatment for eczema in babies

Treatment For Eczema In Babies

Have A Top-Rated Pediatrician Help You Manage Your Baby’s Eczema

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treatment for eczema in babies

What Does The Skin Look Like With Eczema In Babies?









Tiny Oozing Bumps

Where Does Eczema In Babies Appear?



Inner Elbows

Behind Knees

Ankle Creases

Causes of Eczema In Babies

Contact With Synthetic Fabrics (polyester, nylon, wool)

Environmental Allergen Exposures (pollen, dust, pet dander)

Exposure To Harsh Chemicals/Fragrances/Dyes (soaps, detergents, lotions)

Ankle Creases

When Does Eczema In Babies Flare?

Cold Dry Winter Air

Hot Sweaty Summer Sun

Treatment Plan for Eczema In Babies

Hydration – Hydration keeps your baby’s skin from drying out & is an essential part of our Eczema Treatment.

Moisturize Skin – Moisturizing your child’s skin with lotions & emollients helps lock that moisture into their skin.

Prescription Creams – Steroid creams & certain medications can keep your baby’s Eczema from flaring or becoming uncomfortable

Keep Skin Cool – Dressing your child appropriately & keeping them protected from the sun are both crucial in managing Eczema Flare-ups in your baby.

Identify Triggers – Identifying why your baby’s skin gets rough, red & dry is important to prevent future outbreaks.

Avoid Triggers – Once you’ve identified these triggers, avoid them while working on the hydration/moisture regimen for your baby. You will see a huge difference!

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Dr. Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain
Founder, BabiesMD

Meet Your Pediatrician

Eczema in babies can be very uncomfortable & irritating for babies who are not able to express what they’re feeling. At BabiesMD, we take pride in listening to parents, thoroughly evaluating our patients, and helping families get to the right diagnosis, management, and treatment for their child. As Telemedicine Pediatricians, we are thankful to utilize technology to be able to diagnose issues in a matter of minutes.

Concerns & Curiosities Expressed By Parents

Can I prevent eczema in my baby?

The key to prevention of Eczema in Babies is to moisturize your baby’s skin at least twice a day with hypoallergenic unscented lotion or emollient like Vaseline. Bathe your baby every single day in lukewarm water with gentle, moisturizing, unscented soap for no longer than 10 minutes. Immediately after taking the baby out of the bath pat dry the skin and apply lotion top to bottom to prevent that moisture from escaping.

What can I do at home for my baby’s eczema?

If your baby’s eczema is flaring despite the bathing & moisturizing routine, use 1% over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to areas of a flare twice a day underneath the lotion for no more than 7 to 10 days. Dress your baby in cool cotton fabric and avoid direct contact with harsh fabrics like polyester & wool.

Do I have to see a Pediatrician or get a prescription for my baby’s eczema?

If your baby’s eczema persists despite bathing, moisturizing and trying over-the-counter steroid cream, it may be time to see a Pediatrician for prescription strength creams / ointments. Additionally, if your baby scratches their skin enough to create redness, swelling or pus draining from skin, it is important to see a Pediatrician to make sure there is no secondary bacterial infection requiring antibiotics.

Can I see a Virtual Pediatrician for my baby’s eczema?

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” applies without a doubt in this situation! There will be times you don’t want to take your baby out into the elements of the world or are just exhausted from the duties of being a new parent. In these situations, a Virtual Pediatrician can easily help allay your concerns. They can give you their expert knowledge to help you understand why your baby is having this rash, whether it’s Eczema or something else and what you can do about it.

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