Reflux In Babies Treatment

Reflux in Babies Treatment Plan

Easy Virtual Visits By A Highly Reputed Pediatrician

Quick Diagnosis and Relief

Be Seen In Minutes Via Video Visits

Get Treatment & Advice On Home Remedies

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Fee: $79

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Complimentary follow-ups for your child with today’s visit

Access to the same Reputable Pediatrician with each visit

treating reflux in babies

Symptoms of Reflux In Babies

Crying/Discomfort with Feeds

Coughing/Choking with Feeds

Arching Back Due to Pain

Pulling Away From Breast/Bottle

Refusal to Feed

Projectile Vomiting

Vomiting Green/Yellow/Red Color

Not Urinating At Least Every 4 Hours

Looking Sick/Pale

Not Gaining Weight

$79 Pediatrician Visits

Virtual Pediatrician Visits are offered at very affordable rates. There are no Insurance requirements and the same rates apply on weekends and late nights as well. The tremendous savings over a traditional Pediatric Urgent Care visit or a Pediatrician’s office visit are passed on to our families.

No Insurance Required

Online Visits Cost Less

Office/Urgent Care Visit
Online Pediatrician Visit

You save $80

Dr. Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain
Founder, BabiesMD

Meet Your Pediatrician

Reflux in Babies can be very uncomfortable and painful for infants, especially because babies are not able to express what they’re experiencing. At BabiesMD, we take pride in listening to parents, thoroughly evaluating our patients, and helping families get to the right diagnosis, management and treatment for their child. Telemedicine is a tool we’re thankful to utilize in order to extend Top Notch Pediatric Care to kids far and wide.

Reflux in Babies Treatment Plan: Common Questions

Should We Consult a Pediatrician For Reflux in Babies Treatment?

If spitting up is accompanied by the symptoms noted above, it is important for your baby to be seen by a Pediatrician. We have to make sure babies are getting enough nutrition to develop appropriately during these early months of their life.

Is a Prescription Required in Treating Reflux in Babies?

Depending upon the duration & severity of symptoms, a prescription for infant reflux medicine may be required. In extreme situations, the Pediatrician may need to order certain tests or refer the baby to be seen by a specialist.

Is Treating Reflux in Babies Possible Using Telemedicine?

Absolutely! A Telemedicine Pediatrician can discuss ongoing symptoms, offer management recommendations and home remedies as well as look at your baby through a video visit to make sure they look well-hydrated & healthy. With your help, the Pediatrician will be able to examine the baby’s belly to figure out what steps must be taken next.

How Soon Should I Make A Doctor’s Appointment for My Baby?

It doesn’t take very long for a baby to get dehydrated if they’re not able to keep down their feeds. If the baby looks pale/sick or hasn’t had a wet diaper in the last 4 hours, the baby needs to be seen immediately. If the baby is uncomfortable with feeds but not ill-appearing, it’s ok to make the next available appointment with a Pediatrician.

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