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1 Hour Rapid PCR Tests

1 Swab: 4 Test Results

Covid, Flu-A, Flu-B, RSV

PCR Test Results In 1 Hour
Covid, Flu-A, Flu-B, RSV

Get a highly accurate 4-in-1 PCR Test done with Results in 1 hour. Get quick answers for your symptoms.

Doctor Performs Tests

◆ Experienced Physician Collects Nasal Swabs

◆ Physician Personally Performs The Test

◆ Extra Gentle With Kids

1 Hour Results

◆ PCR Results in 1 Hour

◆ Results For All 4 Tests

1 Swab 4 PCR Tests

Less Invasive Testing

All 4 PCR Results In 30 Minutes

◆ Latest In Medical Technology

More Comfort For You

Single Swab For 4 Test Results

We test for all 4 major respiratory conditions automatically with a single swab. In a short time, you will have a confirmatory RT-PCR quality test results for:





1 swab 4 pcr tests
PCR Vs. Rapid Tests

Is PCR Better?

concierge pediatrician

PCR testing has established itself as the gold standard of testing. The accuracy of PCR testing is far superior to home tests or Rapid tests generally used in doctor’s offices.

For families looking for definitive answers, PCR testing is certainly the way to go.

Can We Detect Flu with PCR Testing?

PCR Test For Flu

Certainly. In fact, Rapid Flu tests although convenient, are only 40-50% accurate in detecting flu. RT-PCR tests have been shown to be much more accurate. Some studies have found them to be 98% accurate in detecting flu.

If you have flu-like symptoms and would like a definitive way of checking for flu, a PCR test is certainly recommended.

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PCR Test For RSV

PCR Testing For RSV


Get a much higher percentage accuracy test for infants with RSV symptoms. Detection of RSP with PCR technology is nearly 100% accurate. Our test results are delivered in about an hour saving precious time to manage your baby’s health condition.

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Step 4: Expect Results In About An Hour

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