BabiesMD Pediatric Urgent Care
Fast Expert care, Affordable, Online Convenience

BabiesMD Pediatric Urgent Care: Expert care, Affordable, Online Convenience

When our little ones are sick, every minute matters

At BabiesMD, we ensure that your child is seen by a reputable Pediatrician who knows your child’s history, as quickly as possible. All from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Pediatric Urgent Care Options

From sick to seen
Care Provider
Follow-up after Care
Time in waiting room
Average Cost
(based on 2 trips in a month)
15-30 minutes
Video Visits
Phone Calls
8 AM till late night
7 days / week
Urgent Care
1-2 Hours
ER Doctor
Nurse Practitioner
20-60 minutes
8 AM till late night
7 days / week
Pediatrician Office
24-48 hours
Nurse Practitioner
20-60 minutes
8AM till 5 PM

Is BabiesMD Pediatric Urgent Care near me?

Being an Online Urgent Care for kids, we are always near all our patients. With our convenient Online Pediatricians, we take care of your child right in the comfort of your home through a video call. So no driving required and no exposure to waiting room germs. If you were to search for “Pediatric Urgent Care near me”, we would be the nearest one, so to speak.

urgent care
online Pediatric Urgent Care

Do you have any physical locations?

Starting with the pandemic, we quickly adapted to the telehealth model and it has been a huge relief for patient families. Patient families no longer have to drive anywhere, take time off from work, and wait in unsafe waiting rooms to be seen by a Pediatrician. Through a Video consult, your BabiesMD Pediatrician is able to treat your child right in your own home. Best of all, we pass the savings of office rent, etc to you in reduced fees. 

What health conditions do your Pediatricians treat?

Besides being a Urgent Care for kids, we also offer Pediatric Primary Care. For a complete list of health conditions that we have expertise on, please click here.

For conditions requiring physical interactions like a fracture, x-ray, hospitalizations, sutures, or shots, we will probably refer you to a physical location to help you. However, should such a situation arises, we are by your side every step of the way guiding you in getting the best possible care for your children.

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doctor on rush

Will it be a Pediatrician, Adult Doctor, or a Nurse practitioner who will see my child?

You will always be seen by a board-certified highly experienced Pediatrician. Once you establish with a Pediatrician, you will continue to see the same Pediatrician and they will follow your child’s development over the years. All your contacts (calls, texts, etc) will be with the same Pediatrician. 

How much does BabiesMD charge for a Pediatric Urgent Care visit?

Our practice works on a monthly membership model. For a nominal fee of $20 a month ($30 for all your kids), we cover unlimited Video visits, texts, and calls. No other fees, no insurance or co-pays. For one fee, you have peace of mind Expert Pediatric Urgent Care + Primary Care.

You also have the freedom to cancel anytime. Even on the first visit if you just wanted one visit. There are no strings attached and the fee does not change.

With a membership ($20 a month), all your visits are free, 7 days a week.

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Are the Pediatricians able to understand other languages?

Indeed. Many of our Pediatrician are multi-lingual. We are able to converse in English, Spanish, Hindi and a few other languages. Please feel free to send a text or call us in your native language and we will be glad to help you.

How does our Process work?

Step 1.

Sign-up for the membership online

Sign-up from our website and fill-out the interactive Intake forms online and you are ready to be seen by a Pediatrician in about 3 minutes.

As for membership, no long-term commitment is required and you are free to cancel anytime. In fact, you can tell your doctor during the appointment that you would like to cancel the membership and your subscription will not be renewed. You still get to enjoy a world-class Pediatrician take care of your child for the whole month and have unlimited Text/Video visits for the 30 days of your service at a very affordable rate of $20. Now that you cannot beat.

Be sure to mark Urgent care needed on the intake form.
Step 2.

Urgent assessment request

All Urgent Care requests are handled as the highest priority. Your request will be acknowledged over text along with a confirmation of the doctor’s call (usually in the next few minutes). I

Prefer to text/talk to someone instead, feel free to call the office line and request an urgent care visit. Now that you are a member, your visit is automatically expedited to first available.

Step 3.

Pediatrician’s Video visit

The Pediatrician will initiate the video call and you will be assured of a no-rush appointment. The doctor will diagnose the child, discuss options with you, and plan of recovery. All of your questions are answered patiently and the doctor is in no rush to run to the next appointment. Take your time, it is about your precious little treasure.

All Prescriptions are sent directly to your preferred Pharmacy
Step 4.

Portal Access and Messaging

Text message with your BabiesMD Pediatrician for any problems related to your child. You now have absolute peace-of-mind care for your child. Text the doctor anytime for any matter, big or small. We are your guide and advisor for all Parenting matters.


Realization this is awesome service

We get it all the time! Change your mind anytime and continue your plan. Join our family and help us ensure good health for every child out there.

How are we different from typical Urgent Care visits:


Continued Care:

Your child’s care is done by the same Pediatrician, each time. With each visit, the Pediatrician learns more about your children and are able to make better health-related decisions for them.


Care coordination:

We keep your Primary Pediatrician in the know about each visit and act as an extension to their office as needed. Your Primary Pediatrician would be responsible for the children’s annual physical as well as immunizations.


No Insurance needed:

We do not take any insurance so insurance is not required to be seen.


No waiting room:

While you typically wait 15 minutes to 2 hours at a Pediatric Urgent Care waiting room, there is almost no waiting needed with BabiesMD. Your BabiesMD Pediatrician is available expeditiously as soon as you text them.



Keep your kids safe from germs at the Urgent Care, and avoid exposure to Covid-19 as well.



You save on co-pays, high deductibles, and other charges. Your one monthly fee covers all care for us. Over time, the savings add up.


Peace of mind:

Never search for a Pediatric Urgent Care again while you are traveling or at home. Gain peace of mind knowing your kids are always protected by the BabiesMD Pediatrician no matter where they are.

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