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Exclusive Newborn Care

As a newborn’s mom, we know you have many questions and concerns that arise daily and you would like them addressed quickly. Under Dr. Jain’s care, you get all your answers quickly and directly from Dr. Jain herself. You enjoy a direct relationship with Dr. Jain and rejoice knowing we are just a call away any time you need help.

Get Immediate care when it is needed: On Phone, Over Video, In Clinic, and At Home

Best Baby Pediatricians in Irvine, Orange County BabiesMD

Dr. Rashmi Jain, Pediatrician

Founder, BabiesMD


We are so excited for you and your baby. As a Pediatrician, there is no greater joy than being trusted with the care of your most prized possession, your newborn. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life.

Along with our focus on managing your baby’s health, we also prioritize  our personal connection with parents. Raising an infant is a journey like no other and no matter how many manuals you might have read, your baby hasn’t read any!

As a team, you and us work together 24/7 for the best growth and development of your baby.

We can’t wait to be your newborn’s Pediatrician

Complementary Secure Texting Access To Dr. Jain

Before The Baby Arrives

You get HIPAA secure Text Access directly to Dr. Jain for any question and tips on how to prepare to bring the baby home. Get expert advise on things needed at the hospital, as well as at home immediately after birth.

Best part, this access is Complementary and there is no charge till the baby arrives.

◆ Planning for baby’s needs at the Hospital and at Home?

◆ Planning for baby/mama related supplies when they come home

◆ Milk/Formula clarifications and preparations

before baby arrives
Pediatrician Visit To The Hospital

The Big Day

the big day

We just can’t wait to meet the bundle of joy. So we come right to your Hospital to check on the baby and partake in the celebrations.


◆ Dr. Jain visits the baby each day at the Hospital till discharge.

◆ We are in constant touch with the hospital monitoring the baby’s health.

◆ We are always just a call/text away for any concerns.


Mom, Orange County, CA 
❝ Dr Jain is truly one of a kind! Our little girl is 6 months today and Dr Jain has been with us every step of the way!  She is so invested in our daughter and her journey and cares about us as a family!  We have had ups and down and doesn’t matter if it’s day or night she is always there to guide us and help us through  any issues or worries we face. I have friends with babies  and they tell me their experiences with there pediatricians and it seems so disconnected and so hard to get an appointment to be seen all to have heir issues dismissed or not taken seriously. Dr Jain takes every concern and works through it with you has same day appointments or just gets on a call with you to address the situation! They say it takes a village and Dr Jain is apart of our village and we are so lucky to have her!! ❞

Daily Updates On The Baby’s Health

Daily Check-Ins

planning vaccines

We check-in on the baby daily during the first few weeks to ensure everything is going well. We are happy to engage Dr. Jain if there is a concern for an immediate response. We answer the parents questions for the day, get the latest on the baby’s feeds, sleeping patterns and weight, and should the need be, engage Dr. Jain to answer any medical concerns you might have.

Our HIPAA compliant App makes it a breeze to communicate and all our families love using it for sending messages, images, requesting appointments etc.

No Need For Urgent Care

Pediatrician Access 24/7

For newborns and older children, their health can change quickly after hours or over the weekend. For this reason, we operate on a “urgent care” basis late nights and over the weekends. For all urgent matters, your Concierge Pediatrician is available to handle all such situations.

As BabiesMD parents, a simple message to us using our secure App is all it takes to get the expedited care your baby needs. Your Newborn Pediatrician will assess the situation, diagnose the issue at hand, and we get the baby back to feeling healthy and happy, and the parents relaxed.

No need for exposures at ERs, avoidable costs and added stress for you.

As Much Time As You Need

Relaxed No-Time-Limit Appointments

One of the best features of our Concierge practice is the amount of time your Pediatrician spends in educating you, the parents, about your child. As parents of a newborn, we realize how nerve-wracking it can be to care for an infant. We address all your questions patiently and ensure all your concerns are answered. We also spend a lot of time in discussing various issues as they come up and prepare you for the next phase of your baby’s life. We work together with you, the parents, as a team in bringing up this wonderful child.

Flexible Vaccine Planning And Scheduling

Customized Vaccine Schedules

A very important part of our Concierge practice is that we encourage our parents to discuss their hesitancy about vaccines. Your Concierge Newborn Pediatrician listens to your views and fears and address them one by one. In the end, Dr. Jain will design a schedule that works in the best interest of the child and is the most comforting for the parents. 

When it is time for us to deliver vaccines, we use every possible gadget to ensure we minimize their pain and anxiety. From Buzzees, to numbing sprays, we  try them all. It just makes our day when kids don’t cry when receiving shots.

planning vaccines
Exclusive Services Just For Our Babies

Exclusive Newborn Pediatrician Services

sick visit planning

As a member of our Concierge Pediatrics, your comfort is our priority. We have put together an exclusive list of in-home services for you as needed. 

◆ Single Family in Clinic at one time: To minimize the risk of infections

◆ Star-lit Newborn Suite: Relaxing Enjoyable Comfortable

◆ Listen along: Listen along to your baby’s heart beat along with Dr. Jain

◆ Well-Checks Planned: All checkups are pre-scheduled for you

◆ State-Of-The Art Testing: Single swab-Rapid PCR, Flu A/B, Strep, Covid, RSV. Murmur Detection, and much more..

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