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We Take Ownership

Of Your Child’s

Health Complexities

Top Rated Pediatrician

Concierge Care For Health Complexities

Your Concierge Pediatrician provides comprehensive care for your child’s health complexities. They are laser focused on the issue at hand, and give them undivided attention and all the  resources for the best possible care.

Top Rated Pediatrician Focused On Your Child’s Care
Comprehensive Care

Our practice is not governed by number of patients, but rather number of happy healthy patients. We will speed as much time as needed in consulting, researching, discussing, testing and progressing in your child’s care. We do not stop till we are satisfied with the results and we all allocate all the resources at our disposal for your family’s health and happiness.


◆ Spearheads all care needs for your child

◆ Books & Manages all testing, imaging, specialist referrals

◆ Ensures quick turn-around to minimize time lost

◆ Minimizes confusion and frustration for parents

◆ Ensures child gets the best help they need.


We refer you to the best available Specialists

◆ We help expedite appointment based on intensity of the case

We personally discuss your child’s case with the Specialist

◆ We obtain and review the reports 

◆ We keep you updated every step of the way


We review all Specialist/Testing/Imaging reports

We advance your child’s care based on results

We update Specialists with new findings as needed

We discuss with the family at every step


◆ We recommend Labs/Centers experienced in handling infants

We order all necessary Tests/Studies to ensure thorough care

◆ We order Imaging at Pediatric centers

◆ In-Home services also available as needed


◆ We discuss your child’s case with the attending physician before admission

◆ We keep track of all tests and analysis by the hospital

◆ We pick up care once the child returns home

◆ We keeps the family informed at all times 


◆ We communicate openly and consistently with family

◆ We address your concerns, fears and questions patiently

◆ We remain accessible via text or calls

◆ We take over the burden from your shoulders


Mom, Orange County, CA 
❝ Dr. Jain has been a blessing to our family. She has guided me in raising my 3 kids and has always gone above and beyond to cover all bases of their medical needs. She has even called on Thanksgiving Day to check on one of my kids that was really sick. She truly takes the time to get to know her patients and their needs. I wouldn’t have made it through all the bumps of raising my babies without her. If you are looking for more than just the average pediatrician then you have come to the right place because Dr. Jain is the BEST of the BEST and will love her like my family does! ❞

Top Rated Pediatrician

Navigating Complex Healthcare

Your Concierge Pediatrician helps you navigate our complex healthcare to get the best care for your child. She devotes as much time as needed to understand the complexities of your child’s health. She engages her network of specialists and colleagues to get the best care possible. She gets expedited appointments not generally available, chases all results, and then sits down with you to go over them. 

She fully understands that time is precious when it comes to a child’s health and navigates our complex healthcare for your family, and ensures we get expedited care for the child.

Top Rated Pediatrician

Accessible Pediatrician

concierge pediatrician

Throughout this health journey for your child, your Pediatrician ensures you are always updated on the progress. She discusses all the details at every step. You have direct access to her through secure messaging and video at any time. She also addresses all the concerns of the family and manages their concerns and anxiety as well.

She works together with the parents as a team to help the child recover or deal with their health in the best possible way.

Kids Love Dr. Jain

Nothing Falls Through The Cracks

Your Concierge Pediatrician is the “connected care” for you. She ensures all information flows through her office for all testing/imaging/specialists etc. She ensures all tests are done and all results are received timely. She also reviews all specialist findings. She assimilates all the pieces together and ensures nothing falls through the cracks and that all Specialists involved have all the information they need. She also addresses all the concerns of the family and manages their concerns and anxiety as well.

We take our responsibility with the utmost pride and ensure we live up to your expectations.

Five star review
Pediatrician For Complex Cases

Hospitalization/ ER Admissions


For times when a Hospital admission is required, your Concierge Pediatrician will guide you to the best place to take the child. She will also call ahead and personally discuss the case with the doctors there. She will ensure they have all the information they need and keep a tab on the progress being made at the ER/Hospital. She will also ensure discharge is done after satisfying progress has been made.

She will remain available to the family as always for any concerns that need to be addressed.

Pediatrician That Cares

Pediatric Patient Management

For long-term therapies, your Concierge Pediatrician remains on top of your child’s health and monitors the progress. She remains constantly in touch with therapy centers to ensure they adapt based on health profile changes. She also communicates all progress constantly to the parents. 

Top Rated Pediatrician

Your Child’s Best Advocate

baby with stethoscope

As your Concierge Pediatrician, she engages all her resources to find the best care for your child. She spends as much time as needed in caring and researching for your child, providing care herself, and through her network of specialists. At BabiesMD, every child is special to us and we will do anything to ensure their health. 

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