Benefits of being a BabiesMD Family

Benefits of being a BabiesMD Family

Benefits of being a babiesmd parent

Exclusive direct access to some of the country’s best Pediatricians
Concierge Pediatrician Experience

Gain peace of mind knowing an expert concierge Pediatrician is always available for your family. Happy to consult for urgent and non-urgent matters, 7 days a week.

Cost Savings

One monthly fee covers unlimited doctor virtual visits, phone calls, and text exchanges. Realize tremendous cost savings in managing your kids’ health, typically in the rate of $400 -$600 yearly per child.

Convenience of Virtual Visits

Avoid exposures at the Doctor’s or Urgent Care waiting rooms. Chat or Video call with your Pediatrician from the convenience of your home. Expert Pediatric care is always a text message away.

Streamlined Care of your children

Reach out to your online Pediatrician at the first sign of trouble rather than waiting to see if this needs attention. Rely on the same Pediatrician and trust their understanding of your child’s history to make the best possible recommendations.

Accessible Care wherever your family is

Rest assured your kids have the best Pediatric care, even if they are away to school or on vacation. One fee covers all your kids no matter where they are.

Your trusted Advisors

Consider us part of your extended family. We are there for you every step of the way, in birthday celebrations, and in life’s decisions.

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