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Benefits of a
Concierge Pediatrician

Better Health For Kids, Peace of Mind for Adults


As parents, you have a need for a trusting relationship with your Pediatrician. Someone that understands you, listens to you, and relates with you at different levels. Your Concierge Pediatrician earns your trust and respect, and discusses every decision with you. You are completely involved every step of the way in your child’s care and you feel secure knowing your child’s health is in very good hands. You are always connected intellectually as well as emotionally with your Pediatrician.

Together as a team, Your Pediatrician and your family, plan to best secure your children’s health.

Pediatrician You Trust

Your Opinion Matters

Joint Decision Making Process

Trusting Relationship


improve health for babies

Rather than wait for a few days, Parents reach their easily accessible Concierge Pediatrician at the first onset of sickness for their children and the child is attended to the same day. Earlier interventions prevent prolonged illnesses and faster recovery.

As your Concierge Pediatrician treats the children every time, continuity of care and personal knowledge of your children’s health helps her to predict illnesses and provide truly preventive medicine for them.

Earlier interventions and continuity of care provide for improved health and happiness for your children.

Easy Accessible Pediatrician

Continuity of Care

Preventive Medicine

No More Urgent Care

No Avoidable ER Visits


Mom of 3 wonderful kids 
❝ Dr. Jain has been a blessing to our family. She has guided me in raising my 3 kids and has always gone above and beyond to cover all bases of their medical needs. She has even called on Thanksgiving Day to check on one of my kids that was really sick. She truly takes the time to get to know her patients and their needs. I wouldn’t have made it through all the bumps of raising my babies without her. If you are looking for more than just the average pediatrician then you have come to the right place because Dr. Jain is the BEST of the BEST and will love her like my family does! ❞



Parents can count on their Concierge Pediatrician to expedite specialist appointments for their children. She discusses each case with the specialists and coordinates all care that is required. She also coordinates any testing, imaging or hospitalization needs and ensures all care is well coordinated. 

Besides specialists, your Pediatrician also manages in-home blood draws, in-home lactation consulting, sleep consulting, doula references and much more.

We do everything in our power to provide the best possible care for your children, follow through with all results and ensure we cover all avenues. We work diligently for a quick recovery and long lasting results.

Specialist Care Coordination

Expedited Appointments

In-Home Services


Your Concierge Pediatrician spends a lot of time educating the family on all their concerns as well as other issues. They will discuss newborn issues like feeding, sleep patterns, throwing up, burping issues etc. to issues related to young adults. Your Pediatrician spends as much time as needed in educating, listening, discussing and planning meaningful ways of improving your children’s overall health and behavior patterns.

A fracture might mean a trip to the ER for most families where an ER doctor sets the fracture. For our families, a quick call to your concierge Pediatrician and we would guide you to a Pediatric Orthopedic specialist in your area to fix the fracture and get the best care for your child. We would also call ahead and give the doctor your child’s pertinent medical history.



24/7 Access to your Pediatrician
Same-Day Appointments
No Wait Times At Clinic
Longer Appointment Times
Direct-to-Pediatrician Messaging
Telemedicine Available
House Calls For Sick Visits
Specialist Care Coordination
Vaccine Hesitancy Discussion
Weekend Access For Urgent Care
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