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Benefits of a
Concierge Doctor

Better Health for Kids
Peace of Mind for Parents

The Most Personal Pediatric Experience

BabiesMD Concierge Benefits


◆ World Class Pediatrician

◆ 24/7 Access to your Pediatrician

◆ Exclusive Newborn Care

◆ Daily Pediatrician Check-ins for newborn’s first 2 weeks

◆ Same-Day Appointments

◆ No Wait Times At Clinic

◆ Expedited Specialist Appointments

◆ Longer UnRushed Appointments

◆ Direct-to-Pediatrician Secure Messaging

◆ Telemedicine Access

◆ House Calls For Sick Visits

◆ Specialist Care Coordination

◆ Spread out Vaccine Schedules as needed

◆ Imaging, Labs, Specialists Care Coordination

◆ Leading edge Tools and Diagnostics in-house

◆ 4-in-1 1 Hour PCR tests for Covid/Flu/Strep/RSV

◆ Hospital Visits for Newborn births

◆ Uncompromising Continuous care for your children’s best health

Relaxed Unrushed Appointments

Doctor With Ample Time


One of the best features of our practice is that families enjoy spending adequate time with their Pediatrician. Dr. Jain spends as much time as needed understanding and answering your concerns. We always welcome your opinion, and we make sure you are involved in all medical decision making for your children. 

Families spend an average of 45 minutes to an hour when they have concerns. Our families always leave feeling confident in their abilities to take care of their children at home, knowing Dr Jain is just a call or text away anytime they need help.

Relaxed Extra-Time Appointments

◆ All Your Concerns Addressed

◆ Your Opinion Matters

Fast Quick Interventions, Faster Recoveries

Immediate Care For Your Children

For our families, we are accessible 24/7.

Your children always come in same day for sick visits.

Primary Care: Every day till 7 PM.

Weekends/Late Nights: Urgent Matters

We encourage our families to contact us at the first onset of symptoms. Unlike adults, children have low tolerance for pain and the faster we can get to them, the faster they will recover from their sickness.

As your Concierge Pediatrician treats the children every time, continuity of care and personal knowledge of your children’s health helps her to predict illnesses and provide truly preventive medicine for them.

Continuity of Care

No More Urgent Care

No Avoidable ER Visits

improve health for babies
We Manage All Aspects Of Care For Your Children

Comprehensive Care Coordination

establish care

Specialist Care: All your appointments are expedited, Dr. Jain personally speaks with the Specialists regarding your child and gets an update after the specialist review. Dr. Jain also keeps family appraised of the progress all along.

Testing/Imaging: Dr. Jain ensures all tests are conducted as needed and gets a copy of the results. She manages all aspects of the child’s care and integrates all data to form the complete health profile of the child.

ER/Hospitalization: Dr. Jain calls ahead to appraise the Doctor-on-duty of your situation. She also constantly monitors the progress and keeps family updated on all developments.

 PCR Tests In Clinic: We house the latest testing capabilities in the clinic. We leave nothing to chance and conduct a PCR test right here in the clinic for your children. Minimize discomfort and use a single swab for all the tests and results are ready in 30 minutes or so with PCR accuracy.  Covid, Flu A, Flu B, RSV and Strep.

Exclusive Newborn Services

Expert Newborn Care

Dr. Jain is especially popular among parents of newborns due to her extensive experience. As a Newborn Pediatrician, she is able to spend as much time as needed with parents and ensure they feel confident in taking care of the baby at home. 

As first-time parents,  there are a lot of questions and concerns that come up and it is reassuring to know they can reach their Newborn Pediatrician anytime via text, call or video. All concerns are addressed and there is no limit on how much time it takes. 

All newborn visits are expedited and are always taken care of the same day. An exclusive newborn suite awaits for parents to come in and relax in a comfortable setting while they chat with their Pediatrician.

◆ Daily Hospital Visits during birth

Daily Check-Ins

◆ Vaccines hesitancy discussion

first well visit

Mom of 3 wonderful kids 
❝ Dr. Jain has been a blessing to our family. She has guided me in raising my 3 kids and has always gone above and beyond to cover all bases of their medical needs. She has even called on Thanksgiving Day to check on one of my kids that was really sick. She truly takes the time to get to know her patients and their needs. I wouldn’t have made it through all the bumps of raising my babies without her. If you are looking for more than just the average pediatrician then you have come to the right place because Dr. Jain is the BEST of the BEST and will love her like my family does! ❞

Trusting Meaningful Relationship With Your Doctor

As parents, you have a need for a trusting relationship with your Pediatrician. Someone that understands you, listens to you, and relates with you at different levels. Your Concierge Pediatrician earns your trust and respect, and discusses every decision with you. You are completely involved every step of the way in your child’s care and you feel secure knowing your child’s health is in very good hands. You are always connected intellectually as well as emotionally with your Pediatrician.

Together as a team, Your Pediatrician and your family, plan to best secure your children’s health.

Pediatrician You Trust

Your Opinion Matters

Joint Decision Making Process

Trusting Relationship
No Running Around For Specialist Appointments

Specialist Care Coordination

rapid pcr testing

Parents can count on their Concierge Pediatrician to expedite specialist appointments for their children. She discusses each case with the specialists and coordinates all care that is required. She also coordinates any testing, imaging or hospitalization needs and ensures all care is well coordinated. 

Your Pediatrician is your central point of contact for all Specialists, testing, and imaging results.

We do everything in our power to provide the best possible care for your children, follow through with all results and ensure we cover all avenues. We work diligently for a quick recovery and long lasting results.

Specialist Care Coordination

Expedited Appointments

In-Home Services

Leading Edge Of Medicine & Technology

The Latest Medical Aids

At BabiesMD, we go to great lengths to ensure our families benefit from the latest advances in medicine as well as technology.

30 Minutes-Single-Swab-PCR-Testing: Children benefit from a single-swab to test for 4 major culprits for winter time illnesses. Covid, Flu A/B, RSV and Strep. All results are available in 30 minutes and they are all PCR quality. Your Pediatrician personally swabs the child only once for all four test results.

Digital Stethoscope: Clearly hear the baby’s heartbeat even in noisy environments. Ability to autodetect murmurs.

Video Otoscopes: Quicker ear exams minimize discomfort. Images can be shared with parents. No need for a second look.

Acoustic Otoscopes: Get more accurate assessment for middle ear infections.

Digital Vision Screener: Auto-detect vision issues in children as an added benefit of going to your Pediatrician office.

Injection Aids: We use Buzzee, numbing sprays, musical toys and other distractions to minimize pain for children.

baby with stethoscope

Guidance And Education


Your Concierge Doctor spends a lot of time educating the family on all their concerns as well as other issues. We will discuss newborn issues like feeding, sleep patterns, throwing up, burping issues etc. to issues related to young adults. Your Pediatrician spends as much time as needed in educating, listening, discussing and planning meaningful ways of improving your children’s overall health and behavior patterns.

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