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Understanding Oral Thrush in Babies

Thrush is a yeast/fungal infection of a baby’s mouth that appears as white patches that look like pieces of cotton or cottage cheese. Thrush can appear on the tongue, inner cheeks, inner lips, or roof of the mouth. It occurs commonly in the first few months of life. Though Thrush is not dangerous, it can make sucking & feeding uncomfortable for your baby. Baby Thrush Treatment is usually quick and effective.

Symptoms of Thrush In Babies To Look For

Crying/Discomfort With Feeds

Pulling Away From Breast/Bottle

Refusal To Feed

Thick White Irremovable Coating of Tongue

White Patches On Inside of Mouth

$79 Pediatrician Visits

Virtual Pediatrician Visits are offered at very affordable rates. There are no Insurance requirements and the same rates apply on weekends and late nights as well. The tremendous savings over a traditional Pediatric Urgent Care visit or a Pediatrician’s office visit are passed on to our families.

No Insurance Required

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Dr. Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain
Founder, BabiesMD

Meet Your Pediatrician

Oral Thrush in Babies can be uncomfortable and cause them to become fussy or stop feeding. At BabiesMD, we take pride in listening to parents, thoroughly evaluating our patients, and helping families get to the right diagnosis, management and treatment for their child. Telemedicine is a tool we’re thankful to utilize in order to extend Top Notch Pediatric Care to kids far and wide.

Baby Thrush Treatment Guidelines

Does My Baby Need A Pediatrician’s Evaluation If They Have Thrush?

Yes. Thrush is an infection caused by the over-growth of Candida Albicans (a fungus commonly found in our digestive tract). Thrush requires a prescription of anti-fungal oral medication to make it go away completely.

Is It Possible To Use Telemedicine For BAby Thrush Treatment?

Absolutely! A Telemedicine Pediatrician can discuss ongoing symptoms, offer management recommendations as well as look at your baby through a secure video visit to make sure they look well-hydrated & healthy. With your help, the Pediatrician will be able to examine your baby’s mouth to figure out what steps must be taken next.

What Might It Be If It’s Not Thrush?

Milk residue on a baby’s tongue can often make the tongue white and be confused for Thrush. Milk residue can be gently wiped away or reduced with a moist gauze or washcloth. Thrush, however, is difficult to wipe away without causing pain or irritation to the baby’s tongue or inner mouth region.

How Soon Should I Make A Doctor’s Appointment for My Baby?

It doesn’t take very long for a baby to get dehydrated if they’re not able to keep down their feeds. If the baby looks pale/sick or hasn’t had a wet diaper in the last 4 hours, the baby needs to be seen immediately. If the baby is uncomfortable with feeds but not ill-appearing, it’s ok to make the next available appointment with a Pediatrician.

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