Ask A Pediatrician Online

Ask Free Parenting Questions & Get Quick Answers

Unsure if you should stay at home or take your child into Urgent Care? Feel free to ask our highly acclaimed Pediatrician for guidance on what to do. Ask questions that linger in your mind long after the Pediatrician appointment has finished. We are happy to answer any parenting questions for you.
(For matters requiring immediate assistance, we advise you to head to the ER or Urgent Care center close to you, or online).

What Kind of Questions Can I Ask A Pediatrician Online?

ask a pediatrician online

You can ask our Online Pediatrician any questions that need immediate help for babies, toddlers and children.

  • How often should you give Tylenol for aches?
  • Wondering if a low grade fever can be due to allergies or is it always something else?
  • When does an earache need to be evaluated by a doctor? Are there home-remedies to try and soothe it until then?
  • How can you manage your child’s cough and help them sleep at night?
  • When does sneezing and a runny nose warrant a doctor visit?
  • Does your child’s rash require you to leave your house for a medical evaluation? Or is an online telemedicine visit appropriate?

Are the Questions Answered by a Pediatrician or Their Staff?

All the questions are addressed directly by our founder, Dr. Rashmi Jain. She is considered among the best pediatricians out there and has over 15 years of experience. You can read more about her here.

ask a pediatrician

How Soon Can I Expect a Response?

After you fill out the “Ask a Pediatrician online” form, expect a response from our Pediatrician in two to four hours during our normal business hours. Any questions asked late in the evening will be answered the next business day.

Why is This Service Free?

There’s no charge for this service and it is offered completely free.  “Ask a Pediatrician Online” is our way of helping those parents who would rather not expose their kids to Covid-19 and other viruses unless absolutely required.

ask a pediatrician online

How Does It Work?

ask a pediatrician online

Just use our “Ask A Pediatrician Online” form to ask your question, and you can expect your answer quickly.

Step 1.

Fill out the “Ask a Pediatrician online” form online and submit your question for our Pediatrician to answer.

Step 2.

Expect a response back in 2-4 hours during business timings.

Should I expect a text or email in response?

Answers to all questions asked are emailed back to the parents. The email ID provided in the form is used for responses. For existing patients with our portal access at babiesMD. You will get your answers on the messaging portal and a notification in your inbox.

ask a pediatrician

Can I ask questions related to on-going matters for my child?

sick child seasonal infections

This service is specifically to help parents dealing with matters for their children, on-going or urgent. Please feel free to ask what is bothering you and we are glad to help.

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