Our Mission, our Team, our Doctors @ BabiesMD

Our Mission, our Team, our Doctors @ BabiesMD

Access to top-rated pediatricians should not be limited by distance

Our Approach

Utilizing Telemedicine to extend the reach of Pediatrics beyond the office space and into the patients’ homes.

Our Philosophy

Healthy kids are equal parts great Parenting and Top-rated Pediatric care.
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Guiding Principles for babiesmd physicians

We spend as much time as needed with patients and their families to answer all their concerns.

Our focus is to address the urgent need for quality Pediatrics by parents nationwide.

It is important for parents to feel connected with their Pediatrician at all times. Online tools enable access for Urgent Care needs as well as lingering issues.

Our Professional Team

Sunil Modi
CEO, babiesMD

Has a passion for startups and is often seen on the golf course in his spare time.

Dr. Rashmi Jain

“I want to grow up to be a Pediatrician” – said her when she was 5.

Frequently asked questions

Your Video Visits

You can take your video call from any device that has internet access. Your computer, tablet, i-pad or smartphone will work just fine. If you’re at home, make sure your device has its wifi enabled, it’ll make the quality of the visit better!

We advise checking out the video link a few minutes prior to the call. Our online guide will check the connection and settings on your device to ensure a smooth call. If you still have issues, we will troubleshoot with you. If the video still won’t work, it’s not a problem at all. Your pediatrician will pick up the phone and call you to complete the visit.

Your Child’s needs

Your babiesMD pediatrician will call in any needed prescriptions to your local pharmacy of choice.

Your babiesMD physician will recommend necessary steps depending on the severity of your child’s illness. If your child needs tests and imaging, it is likely that your babiesMD physician will recommend for you to be seen face to face by your Pediatrician, Urgent Care or ER.

If your baby is really ill, (s)he may be better served by a thorough assessment in an Urgent Care or ER setting. Your babiesMD pediatrician can help direct you to the right place if the need arises and will waive your fee for that visit.

Give us a call! We want to make your baby feel better if we can!

What can babiesMD help with?

We are happy to serve babies and children up to the age of 21.

We strongly urge you to maintain a relationship with your primary care pediatrician for all vaccines and check-ups. It is important to proactively keep our kids healthy. BabiesMD is by your side to efficiently take care of mild illnesses and issues that don’t require an in-office visit.

Insurance is not required to see your pediatrician at babiesMD. Our flat-fee policy provides affordable rates for every child during these tough times.

Newborns and infants are unique in that they can’t tell us what’s going on inside and they have very innocent immune systems. Sometimes they can get sick very fast. In order to get these babies the help they need quickly, your babiesMD pediatrician may refer you for a face to face evaluation with a pediatrician. Again, we’re glad to direct you to the right place.

At this time we’re putting all our energy into serving the greater population of kids in need through telemedicine services.

Right now we’re gladly serving the kids of Texas & California. Keep your eyes peeled, though… we’re spreading our wings fast!

(Let us know if you’d like us to expand to your state next :-))

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